Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thanks, Bill Hill!

For the uninitiated, Bill Hill is a typography expert at Microsoft. He is credited with most typography innovations at MSFT.

I had known for a very long time that 'Cleartype' makes reading
on the computer monitor, especially LCD screens, a pleasant experience. But my experiences of enabling Cleartype on my CRT monitors, concurrent with the usage of Segoe as my system font, were nothing much to write about.

I then just stumbled upon this - Microsoft Cleartype Tuner. I then became aware that Cleartype settings are specific to different types of monitors and so it is a must to tweak monitor settings for better results. The good news is that, you can use this on CRT monitors as well and with any by-default available system font. I've been able to see really good results on all the CRT monitors I use. Thank you - Bill and Microsoft.

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