Thursday, February 15, 2007

Microsoft Business Divisions

The fact that Microsoft is a software behemoth is undeniable. Even someone who is not aware of the word 'behemoth' will make a right guess of the word's meaning the moment he reads it along with Microsoft.

For the past 1 1/2 years, re-orgs have been the order of the day at Microsoft. Every time, I come across some news of a Microsoft re-org, the more I get befuddled about their executive hierarchy. So I decided to spend some time and get a pictorial representation of the organization, most importantly, the Platform and Services Division (PSD). The PSD is responsible for Windows, the Live platform, etc., and that's where the action is centered upon, most of the time. Comments, especially those which can fill in the missing pieces of MSFT's corporate jig-saw art, are welcome! Go ahead, pan your eyes down and gorge yourself in my 'exquisite' work! ;-)

The Big Boys

The PSD, hot and happening all the time..

Where the Zune came from.., and I almost forgot- J Allard works here!

Office 2007, Office 14 and counting...


Nirmal Raghavan said...

From: Mary Jo Foley
Date: Feb 19, 2007 7:29 PM
Subject: Re: SPAM-LOW: Microsoft Hierarchy - am I right?

Hi, this looks *mostly* right.

I think Berkowitz may report directly to Ozzie. Not sure if Blake Irving
does, too --- if he doesn't (or even if he does), I would think he'd
also report to Sinofsky.

On the Office side, there are a couple of lieutenants missing from your
chart, including Kurt DelBene and Antoine Leblond. Get more on them

It's hard to keep track of all this, as they keep changing the org chart
(and people quit and arrive).

The ultimate experts on the org chart are Directions on Microsoft.
(, the analyst firm based in Kirkland,
Wash. They have an old (2004) version of the org chart online, if that
helps at all....

Take care. mjf
---------- wrote:
Hi, I am very much aware that that you are a super-busy journo.., but could you please spare a few seconds and verify the correctness of my blog post regarding Executive hierarchy at MSFT.

sami said...

hey nirmal, too much passioned about microsoft...hmm seems interesting

VVM said...

You rock man ! I wish some where in the hierarchy I could see your name.


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