Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Microsoft and 'Live'

At last, I am out of my blogging hiatus! If at all somebody holds a patent for the usage of the word 'Live', chances are that the person would have become a billionaire by now! Why so? With the way Microsoft has been including the word 'Live' while branding most of its future services, apps, etc., don't you think I'm right??

Mary Jo Foley has more details here. But I think
'Windows Live Hotmail' is the craziest name ever to come out of Redmond! Looks like branding has been dying a slow death at Microsoft ever since they managed to come up with the ever-sexy, ever-glamourous, ever-poplular name - 'Windows'. Ok.., ok.., leave out XBox and Zune.

Wazzup, Ray Ozzie..?

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