Thursday, February 15, 2007

Microsoft Business Divisions

The fact that Microsoft is a software behemoth is undeniable. Even someone who is not aware of the word 'behemoth' will make a right guess of the word's meaning the moment he reads it along with Microsoft.

For the past 1 1/2 years, re-orgs have been the order of the day at Microsoft. Every time, I come across some news of a Microsoft re-org, the more I get befuddled about their executive hierarchy. So I decided to spend some time and get a pictorial representation of the organization, most importantly, the Platform and Services Division (PSD). The PSD is responsible for Windows, the Live platform, etc., and that's where the action is centered upon, most of the time. Comments, especially those which can fill in the missing pieces of MSFT's corporate jig-saw art, are welcome! Go ahead, pan your eyes down and gorge yourself in my 'exquisite' work! ;-)

The Big Boys

The PSD, hot and happening all the time..

Where the Zune came from.., and I almost forgot- J Allard works here!

Office 2007, Office 14 and counting...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thanks, Bill Hill!

For the uninitiated, Bill Hill is a typography expert at Microsoft. He is credited with most typography innovations at MSFT.

I had known for a very long time that 'Cleartype' makes reading
on the computer monitor, especially LCD screens, a pleasant experience. But my experiences of enabling Cleartype on my CRT monitors, concurrent with the usage of Segoe as my system font, were nothing much to write about.

I then just stumbled upon this - Microsoft Cleartype Tuner. I then became aware that Cleartype settings are specific to different types of monitors and so it is a must to tweak monitor settings for better results. The good news is that, you can use this on CRT monitors as well and with any by-default available system font. I've been able to see really good results on all the CRT monitors I use. Thank you - Bill and Microsoft.

Microsoft and 'Live'

At last, I am out of my blogging hiatus! If at all somebody holds a patent for the usage of the word 'Live', chances are that the person would have become a billionaire by now! Why so? With the way Microsoft has been including the word 'Live' while branding most of its future services, apps, etc., don't you think I'm right??

Mary Jo Foley has more details here. But I think
'Windows Live Hotmail' is the craziest name ever to come out of Redmond! Looks like branding has been dying a slow death at Microsoft ever since they managed to come up with the ever-sexy, ever-glamourous, ever-poplular name - 'Windows'. Ok.., ok.., leave out XBox and Zune.

Wazzup, Ray Ozzie..?