Friday, December 23, 2005

Adios amigo, Venkat

I never thought while making my previous blog post that my next one would be a looong ten months away and an equally emotional one. But it has turned out to be that way. As my buddy Venkat packs his bags to leave Bangalore and eventually India, here’s a simple snaphot of our short Bangalore timescape, from someone not so simple... (that’s me.., ;-). Read ahead..

Chillin’ out was I during a typical Pondicherry summer last year, when..
‘Whoooosh…’ - that was the sound of the time-winds that blew, sweeping me off my feet!
And then I found myself in the bustling Bangalore city, being trained to morph into a cunning and canny corporate citizen from what I was, a casual college guy.

Away from home, away from family, difficult times..
Put I was amidst a nice group of twelve people from varied origins and places, but.., they all managed to speak a common tongue, which I never understood (and still don’t:-()!

And there were you, my buddy Venkat, always doing your best to translate them for me :-)!

Then came the training days-damn funny ones-always reminding us of our college lives..
Last bench mischiefs, copied quizzes, thunderous guffaws- can never be forgotten-such beautiful days were they!
Making them more rosy were these unforgettable characters- the ‘mysterious’ Shubhadha, ‘dedicated’ GPRS, ‘guy-with-a- funny but great-laugh’ Patra, 'diligent' Deepak, 'funky' HemSAS and the rest.. (sorry, I cudn’t think of adjectives for all )!
Cubicle jokes, ‘on-the- bench’ days..-time whizzed past…!

And ‘Whoooosh…’ once again, gone were people into Lucent and Granite and Actix and what not?
Putting in your papers, a few of you moved on, some cribbed but stayed on!
Projects started and closed, caterers changed, QBMs held-we’ve seen them all…!!

People moved away, things changed, but you stayed on with me, buddy!
Forward to Dec’2005, ‘Whoooosh…’ once again, and this time it’s your turn :-(
But this time, I feel happy (but not without a heavy heart tingling me somewhere :-(), for you embark upon a voyage to success.
All the best, dude! Bon Voyage! Adios amigo..!

Penned by,
-Nirmal Raghavan