Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Microsoft and Developers

It's been quite some time I updated this blog of mine..! Here we go...!

Ever wondered what’s the reason or strategy behind the runaway success of Microsoft? I have…! Some plausible reasons that popped up in my mind…: being one of the first, rather, the first, to turn great ideas into usable, friendly products OR having a huge and successful R&D OR the hype that surrounds the company? Pehaps, a bit of each..!

But one reason really stands out: The company’s firm belief in people’s creativity. I’ll narrow down the class the word ‘people’ encompasses, to ‘developers’, atleast for the context of the present post!

I have constantly feasted my mind (even it’s been for the umpteenth time…) by reading the book ‘Inside Out’ published by Microsoft about its history, vision, path to success, some insight into their business practices, etc., Many a place in the book we can sense the founders’ pride and sense of accomplishment in making people realise their potential! As soon as the Gates-Allen duo realised they had licensed more than a million copies of BASIC, they gratifyingly wonder what all interesting things people would have accomplished using it! The Big Bill himself has noted that Visual Basic has been one of the key reasons for Microsoft’s success over the years.

Microsoft showcases most of its development technologies in the Professional Developer’s Conference. Even one of the key decisions that the software giant has taken in the recent times, to back-port the three new platforms of Windows Longhorn to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, was based upon developer feedback. Microsoft recently held a Community Technology Preview of the latest build of Avalon, the presentation sub-system of Longhorn.

The most visible and weird of all this is the company CEO Steve Ballmer getting into a frenzy and screaming the word ‘Developers’ 37 times successively (not to mention the crowd, which joined him..!) Such is the belief the company has on people’s potential! Somasegar S, Corporate Vice-President, Developer Vision, believes that, in the long run, the company would be able to give out each and every spec that is written down and receive feedback on them. He intends to share each and every build of the product with the customer.

One of the blogs I read regularly, Microsoft Monitor, mentions that having a wide variety of software products to choose from as one of the reasons to prefer a Windows PC over a Mac! The website Windows Marketplace has over 90,000 softwares to choose from..! This does confirm Microsoft's belief that people tend to be very creative when presented with the right tools. The application 'Datelens' which showcases the innovative UI capabilities of the .NET framework has got widespread acclaim from the public!

No wonder, the theme publicised in the ads of Microsoft is, “Your Potential, Our Passion"!

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