Sunday, November 07, 2004

The need for Windows Longhorn

Is there any need for a Windows Longhorn..? Windows XP is doing quite well..! It's got a stable code-base, smooth interface, faster execution time when compared to its predecessors, etc., And there are a host of softwares ranging from entertainment to education catering to the diverse needs of the users..! So what's the need for Longhorn..? Windows XP is the tallest and the most beautiful monument that Microsoft could have built using the foundation it laid way back with Windows 95.

It's basically due to the human desire to raise the bar, that has given birth to Longhorn..! Also life sets stiffer goals to the increased productivity, freshness, more security,etc., And all these require a new foundation. A much deeper,wider one that can stand the test of time, that can cater to the ever-changing needs of people, etc., Thus was born Windows Longhorn. One thing that makes Microsoft a huge, huge success is it's vision. It's early nerve for sensing the future. The reason I tell this is because the research work for Longhorn started way back in 1995.

Three new pillars magnificently hold aloft the upcoming OS. A brand new file system WinFS, a refreshing presentation system called Avalon and a brand new comunications platform dubbed Indigo! Let's wait for a world of unending opportunities to be ushered in by Windows LONGHORN by late'06..!!!

See u soon..!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nirmal,
This is Abhijith. Good. U have written good information about longhorn. Longhorn looks good . Will it be accepted by corporate world.

Abhijith K N

Karthigeyan said...

You have forgotten one more Pillar:
Refreshingly V2(version 2) Viruses
like LongHornMyDoom, LongHornW32SoBig etc.
The pillar that passes its cracks to the other three and destroy the virtual foundation of LongHorn

Nirmal Raghavan said...

Hi Karthi,

Thanks 4 posting. It is true that the Windows operating systems till now have suffered from various security vulnerabilbities. It is because that the Win32 platform itself wasn't designed with security in mind.
Remember Y2K, why didn't those designers have the simple foresight to allocate more space to the year field.

But Longhorn has been designed with security in mind right from the stage when it was in scratch. Just take a look at this memo from Bill Gates
to his employees:
50,000 best minds working for the world's largest software company will make it tick this time around..! I'm damn sure..!

DiameterBy2 said...

Hi Nirmal,
That's a good info on Longhorn.

Do u mean to say that Longhorn will replace all the
other windows OS. But recently I happened to see 3D
desktop OS by SUN Microsystems. If that comes to
existence then will Longhorn survive?

But anyway MS will be launching more than expected.
We will look what it is going to do new.


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Dropped in here while was searching about Vista. Nice post..and any comments now after vista being in use? :)