Thursday, November 18, 2004

Integration- the keyword for the computer industry

It's time to INTEGRAAATE...., right? Yeah!

Microsoft & Google, two of the most successful companies in the industry's history, have firmly set their sights on integrating their services! Need are they: Google's Desktop Search Application(Beta)and MSFT's official announcement of their own desktop search application. Not just in the search market, also on the entertainment front. BillG's keynote on the occasion of the Windows XP MCE 2005 launch, portrays the need for integration.

And what's the result of this integration drive? The 'melodies', 'rock', 'pop' playlists that you have in some centralised storage could be accessed by the CD player in your car, the one at your home, in your iPod and what not? Music subscriptions would be available across devices. And how about a single remote control for all the entertainment devices in your home? No need to fiddle around with device-specific controls.

On the same lines, Google recently introduced their desktop search application. Integrating web search with desktop search really does sound exciting (it's still in beta.., anyway that's been Google's style). Just imagine that you use the world's most famous search algorithm to search your PC. Imagine how more productive people can get. Microsoft long back introduced the .NET passport as a single unified login to all its services. Even on the development front, the transition has been from an isolated programming model to the COM and now to .NET. The simple application that you create with the future versions of Visual Studio would seamlessly integrate and take advantage of the tremendous capabilities of WinFS, the future file-system for Windows.

And with the roots of integration growing stronger and deeper, it should be a much joyful eXPerience with tomorrow's software.

See U soon..!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

The need for Windows Longhorn

Is there any need for a Windows Longhorn..? Windows XP is doing quite well..! It's got a stable code-base, smooth interface, faster execution time when compared to its predecessors, etc., And there are a host of softwares ranging from entertainment to education catering to the diverse needs of the users..! So what's the need for Longhorn..? Windows XP is the tallest and the most beautiful monument that Microsoft could have built using the foundation it laid way back with Windows 95.

It's basically due to the human desire to raise the bar, that has given birth to Longhorn..! Also life sets stiffer goals to the increased productivity, freshness, more security,etc., And all these require a new foundation. A much deeper,wider one that can stand the test of time, that can cater to the ever-changing needs of people, etc., Thus was born Windows Longhorn. One thing that makes Microsoft a huge, huge success is it's vision. It's early nerve for sensing the future. The reason I tell this is because the research work for Longhorn started way back in 1995.

Three new pillars magnificently hold aloft the upcoming OS. A brand new file system WinFS, a refreshing presentation system called Avalon and a brand new comunications platform dubbed Indigo! Let's wait for a world of unending opportunities to be ushered in by Windows LONGHORN by late'06..!!!

See u soon..!