Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005: Digital Entertainment Anywhere

That's the vision with which Microsoft has been approaching the future..! Already this decade has been dubbed the 'Digital Decade' by the Microsoft Chief Bill Gates. The release of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 fortifies Microsoft's claims. For the Bill Gates keynote on the occasion of the release refer here and reach the homepage here.

When I first installed and experienced the now ubiquitous Windows XP OS from the Redmond-based company, I certainly felt a sense of gratification of the mind. "What next?", I thought..! The interface was so smooth and pleasant, the OS was much stabler than its predecessors..! I felt that this was the piece of software the world was looking for..! What Windows XP did was to more or less satisfactorily serve the needs it was meant to, let alone the the umpteen security issues that have plagued the OS till now..! It had pretty good capabilities for catering the users' digital entertainment needs! Further Microsoft kept revving up XP with Windows Media Player 10, Plus! for XP and most recently the Plus! Super Pack!

But there are always, I mean alwaaays, unventured pastures for the motivated mind..! Just imagine the whole slew of possibilities that arise when the user wants stuff that is customized to the minutest possible detail..! What if the customer wants music, video on the fly..! It's even difficult to imagine, right?

That's the thing that huge companies are successful at..venture into new territories..! I hope Microsoft, which puts in a cool 6.9billion US$ per year for R&D and other such stuff, has chosen the right path to pursue..!!

See u soon..!


Anonymous said...

I guess the IT industry has found another entry for the ever-increasing marketers of MicroSoft .... which is no less than a Mega-episode.
Although I am not a regular visitor to the MS websites......I am in sync with this blogger's thought which says (my perception)........
........ we are a regular user of MS products without having the least of least admiration for them.
...The only thing that oozes out of our "innovative minds" is crib!
I am sure this blogger is going to sink new ideas into us in the future( apart from new updates ofcourse).

Karthigeyan said...

Change U R Passion !

I accept u Nirmal, it is the 'Digital Decade' but not for MS, but for the Apple iPods and for the Linux.

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 would be just a entertainment but not the joy triggered by Mac

Surely, MS Windows XP is much stabler than its predecessors but far low from the stability of the Linux.

Nirmal Raghavan said...

Hello Karthi,

I bring the following links to your notice:

Nirmal Raghavan said...

Hello Anonymous,

It's true that Microsoft invests heavily in marketing, but there are many individuals who are passionate abt Microsoft without getting anything in return!!

And I am not passionate abt Microsoft because I think, "I should be passionate about MSFT because I use their products!". I love MSFT because of the way they do their business, the quality found in their products, the change they have brought upon the software industry. And one should understand that the term SOFTWARE INDUSTRY would have become an oxymoron had
Microsoft not been founded!!!