Wednesday, October 20, 2004

And finally..., the blogosphere has me as well..!

First, about myself..: I am Nirmal Raghavan, Software Engg.,
based in Bangalore, India, working for Sasken Communication Technologies.

I am very passionate about my work, personal computing technologies, Microsoft- the great software company and Steve Waugh- one of the greatest cricketers. I think I'll be blogging about my passions whenever I find time. With due respects to Robert Scoble, every blogger's hero, I jump into the blogosphere..!

My quote for the day:
"People are passionate abt things.., thank God.., I am as well.., abt my JOB!"
I think it holds true for majority of us..!

See u soon..!


Manoj said...

Good Start...

keep going


truefalselife said...

Very Strange start. Came to know about the blogger's hero. Definitely your posts will be unique and informative when compared to other blogs. Keep going!