Monday, October 25, 2004

Windows XP- A Glorious Diamond in Microsoft's crown

Just a few days back I was browsing Paul Thurrot's Supersite for Windows. An excellent resource for anybody using Microsoft's products. Being an avid fan of Microsoft, I find this site an ever-resourceful information mine, catering to the Microsoft buff within me!!

I came across a
review of PowerToys for XP. Microsoft puts it across as,"PowerToys are additional programs that developers work on after a product has been released to manufacturing". Some of the PowerToys that I think inevitable are- Open Command Window Here, Tweak UI, Image Resizer and the Virtual Desktop Manager. The Virtual Desktop Manager PowerToy is very useful for developers and IT professionals, in particular.

Straying away from the topic, naa..naa! Windows XP, the priceless diamond in Microsoft's crown, is continually polished, revved up and beautified by these nifty little tools. These toys go a long way in enriching the end-user experience. And it continues to show the passion which Microsoft shows towards Windows XP, by-far the most pleasing OS from the Redmond stable..!! And please don't accuse Microsoft of the numerous security vulnerabilities that are dug out month after month in XP. Any software with such a huge user-base and meticulously going through a proper software life cycle is bound to have such issues..!

See u soon..!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005: Digital Entertainment Anywhere

That's the vision with which Microsoft has been approaching the future..! Already this decade has been dubbed the 'Digital Decade' by the Microsoft Chief Bill Gates. The release of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 fortifies Microsoft's claims. For the Bill Gates keynote on the occasion of the release refer here and reach the homepage here.

When I first installed and experienced the now ubiquitous Windows XP OS from the Redmond-based company, I certainly felt a sense of gratification of the mind. "What next?", I thought..! The interface was so smooth and pleasant, the OS was much stabler than its predecessors..! I felt that this was the piece of software the world was looking for..! What Windows XP did was to more or less satisfactorily serve the needs it was meant to, let alone the the umpteen security issues that have plagued the OS till now..! It had pretty good capabilities for catering the users' digital entertainment needs! Further Microsoft kept revving up XP with Windows Media Player 10, Plus! for XP and most recently the Plus! Super Pack!

But there are always, I mean alwaaays, unventured pastures for the motivated mind..! Just imagine the whole slew of possibilities that arise when the user wants stuff that is customized to the minutest possible detail..! What if the customer wants music, video on the fly..! It's even difficult to imagine, right?

That's the thing that huge companies are successful at..venture into new territories..! I hope Microsoft, which puts in a cool 6.9billion US$ per year for R&D and other such stuff, has chosen the right path to pursue..!!

See u soon..!

And finally..., the blogosphere has me as well..!

First, about myself..: I am Nirmal Raghavan, Software Engg.,
based in Bangalore, India, working for Sasken Communication Technologies.

I am very passionate about my work, personal computing technologies, Microsoft- the great software company and Steve Waugh- one of the greatest cricketers. I think I'll be blogging about my passions whenever I find time. With due respects to Robert Scoble, every blogger's hero, I jump into the blogosphere..!

My quote for the day:
"People are passionate abt things.., thank God.., I am as well.., abt my JOB!"
I think it holds true for majority of us..!

See u soon..!